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Automatic Fare Collection System

BTSC has implemented the Automatic Fare Collection System to ensure highest efficiency in providing swift and easy service to its passengers. At present the type and category of the ticket are available as following :

The BTS Transit Card (Thin Card) including

  • Single Journey Card
  • One-Day Pass

Rabbit card including

  • Adult Rabbit card
  • Student Rabbit card
  • Senior Rabbit card
  • Rabbit Line Pay

Relevant Equipment

1. Card Personalization Device or CPD

Used for printing and personalizing the data of each individual’s Employee Card.

2. Card Initialization Device or CID

Used for initializing data onto the BTS Thin Card already bearing the design printed by the pass-manufacturer. The device erases preliminary factory data and launches the data structure of the BTS Ticket system in order to create a pass that can only be used to enter and exit the BTS system.

3. Ticket Machine

  • Ticket Issuing Machine or TIM (non-Banknote acceptance)

    This type of ticket issuing machine sells only one-trip tickets. It accepts only 1, 2, 5 and 10 Baht coins for payment.

  • Ticket Vending Machine or TVM (Banknote acceptance)

    This type of ticket machine sells only one-trip tickets. It accepts both coins, banknotes and QR-code for payment. The machine has a touch-screen panel for choosing the destination station. Passengers can buy up to 10 tickets per transaction and can change destination station before payment is made. TVM can accept 1, 2, 5 and 10 Baht coins as well as 20, 50, 100, 500 Baht banknotes.

4. Point Of Sales or POS

The Point of Sales or POS is used for issuing Thin Cards (Single Journey card and One Day Pass) and adding values or quantity of trips onto Rabbit Card, refunding the values of cards and analyzing the status of cards. They are installed at the ticket offices of every station.

5. Automatic Gate or AG

Its purpose is to validate and update entry-exit information of tickets or passes and to control entrance and exit of the Paid Area. There are 2 types of the Automatic Gate.

  • Permanently-Installed Automatic Gate

    With Retractable Panel Pedestrian Barriers. These are installed along the concourse of each station. The gate validates Single Journey Cards, One Day Pass and Rabbit Cards. Automatic gate can be separated for 2 sub-types

    • Normal Automatic Gate

    • Wide Automatic Gate

      Wide automatic gate is designed to have extra entrance width with 90 centimeters to support handicap passenger and passenger with luggage.

  • Mobile Gate without Retractable Panel Pedestrian Barriers

    This type of gate is removable and used in the cases of high passenger density. It is applicable to Rabbit Card users only.

6. Station Data Concentrator or SDC

This device consolidates all data exchanged from every device at stations, such as the Automatic Gate, Point Of Sales, Ticket Issuing Machine and Ticket Vending Machine by connecting through the station networking system and sending data to the central computer for collection and report generation. Moreover, the device is used for controlling and inspecting the status of every device at stations.

7. Central Computer or CC

This device collects the data from all devices related to the ticketing system or fare collection system at stations and generates reports for analysis