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Security System

The BTS Sky Train commits to provide the highest level of security to the lives and properties in areas under the responsibility of the company. We develop security risk assessments as well as maintaining the Crisis and Emergency Preparedness with regularly review of our Security Measures to ensure that we are ready for any unforeseen situations. Our security management complies with the Company’s policies regarding quality, safety, security and environment which are in line with the standards of ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 and Ricardo's Register Rail Best Practice Model. The 2 main components of our security system are as follows :


Security Guards

The BTS Sky Train arranges for security guards 24 hours manned at all BTS stations and also at the Operations and Control Center (BTS Building), Depot and Mo Chit Car Park. The number of personnel will depend on each station‘s areas and the number of passengers. Female security guards are also manned during the day time to assist female passengers in cases such as faint or any other accident.


    All security guards must be trained on the basics of security function as well as the BTS Sky Train system and knowledge on how to use the safety equipment in which the system provides. Moreover, special courses, such as on how to assist people with disabilities or the visually impaired using in the BTS system properly and safely are also provided. Participating in emergency response exercises both internal and external, helps security guards become familiar with emergency protocols, preparing them for any unforeseen events.


External Supportive Party

In addition to security guards, which form the key component of the BTS Sky Train security, there are also various other external parties such as the local police along the BTS route, EOD Team, Narenthorn EMS Center, Bangkok Fire and Rescue Department and especially for the police K-9 units who work closely with our staffs to provide BTS transport security.

  • K-9, Special Operation Police Division

    These units are specially trained to assist police in various situations, such as searching for explosives. K-9 units will patrol within stations and onboard trains throughout the BTS system.

  • Tourist Police Division

    For any incidents in the BTS Sky Train involving foreigners. The Tourist Police will be called on scene immediately to provide assistance. In some circumstances, Tourist Police Help Desks may be posted at certain major stations.