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BTS SkyTrains are in service for passengers from 06.00 - 24.00 hrs. Regular maintenance of BTS SkyTrains, keeping them in top condition for daily service, is what gives BTS the capability to maintain its high standard for safe, speedy, punctual, and efficient service. The scope of BTS train maintenance work consists of :


Maintenance of building structures in the BTS SkyTrain system

for example, stations, Train Control and Operations building, Depot.

Maintenance of electrical and mechanical systems

for example, train, Rail system, Electrical Distribution system, Train Control system, Communication system, as well as the electrical and mechanical systems of the Train Control and Operations building.

The company has adopted a current international standard technology and management system to incorporate into its BTS SkyTrains’ maintenance system which in turn is being continuously improved and developed. To carry out an efficient maintenance schedule, the company has implemented the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) into each of the following systems.

  • Scheduled or Preventive Maintenance
  • Unscheduled or Corrective Maintenance
  • Stock Level and Inventory
  • Fault Notification and Tracking
  • Fault Analyses

Additionally, every step of the maintenance plan is scrupulously detailed and strictly followed. An evaluation record was also implemented using indicators for each system as they apply to the overall efficiency of the maintenance system. The results are analyzed to improve the plan and its execution.

There is also regular training for staff to upgrade and develop their operational skills. All of these facets of general maintenance are carried out to guarantee the confidence, convenience, speed and utmost safety of the passengers every time they use our service.