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Metal Detector

Typical uses will include body search for offensive weapons, checking parcels and customers’ belonging such as backpack, baggage, luggage, etc., for metal objects and anywhere that hidden metal needs to be detected. Security Check Points are located in every entrance to BTS Sky Train system.


Patrol Management System

It is composed of patrol management software, guard tour readers, and RFID checkpoints which are installed around every BTS stations, and having patrolling security guards perform reading on the checkpoints they pass using handheld readers. The recorded checkpoints and associated time-stamps will be uploaded via communication stations to computers for processing and verification.

Closed Circuit Television System or CCTV System

Closed circuit television video (CCTV) surveillance systems are installed cover all the BTS Stations, Operational and Control Center, and Depot area. CCTV Security Center, located at BTS Station - Siam, aggregates information from a variety of sources and provides a convenient interactive interface for viewing images from cameras in real-time and / or in recording.