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Company Policies


Quality, Occupational Health Safety and Risk Management,
Security, Environmental and Information Security Policy

Quality Policy

  • Our commitment is to provide high quality, safe, reliable and efficient mass transit railway services, to recognised international standards.
  • Listen to our customers and aim to provide services which exceed expectations.
  • Review business processes regularly and perform with continual improvement to maximise efficiency.
  • Give importance to the development of human resources within the Company.

Occupational Health Safety and Risk Management Policy

  • Safety is everyone’s responsibility.
  • Provide the highest level of safety to customers, employees, outsources, contractors and all stakeholders, in compliance with international standards for occupational health and safety management, applicable legislation and statutory requirements.
  • Manage occupational health and safety in a proactive manner, with emphasis on risk management for the safety of railway operations and services, including work-related activities, by eliminating, reducing and minimizing hazards to a low-as-reasonably-practicable level, through continuous review, improvement and implementation of best practices.
  • Promote safe and hygienic working conditions to prevent injuries and work-related illnesses, to meet the company’s objectives and context of the organization.
  • Provide knowledge, develop skills, raise awareness, encourage participation, advise employees, related parties and all stakeholders on occupational health and safety.
  • No other business objectives are more important than occupational health and safety.

Security Policy

  • Provide the highest levels of security to life and property in areas under the responsibility of the Company.
  • Maintain the security of customers, employees, contractors and relevant parties, without neglecting to deliver satisfaction.
  • Give importance to the development of security knowledge and relevant skills in employee and associated parties.
  • Regular review of security measures, in readiness for unforeseen situations.

Environmental Policy

  • Create a sustainable and environmentally friendly operating railway and to comply with environmental legislation, regulations and other requirements relevant to our services and operation.
  • Manage significant environmental aspects in a proactive manner, protect the Environment, prevent pollution and to continually mitigate any significant impacts through the implementation of appropriate control measures, together with regular reviews of environmental related processes.
  • Promote environmental impact awareness amongst our employees, through training, learning and promotion of best practices.

Information Security Policy

  • Implementing information security and data confidentiality throughout its systems, while maintaining availability and integrity of information provided.
  • Enhancing knowledge and competency in information technology and information security among employees.
  • Encouraging employee awareness of information security.

Chairman of the Board of Directors
Keeree Kanjanapas
1st April 2022