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About Rabbit card
Rabbit card and the BTS SkyTrain System
    How to purchase a new Rabbit card
    Time Limit for passengers to remain in the system after entry and penalty for overstay
How to add value and trips in a Rabbit card
How are fares deducted from a Rabbit card
Q & A
Eligibility for use of Rabbit cards
    Student Rabbit card
    Senior Rabbit card
How to use a Rabbit card to enter or exit through an Automatic Gate
Rabbit Service Point and Rabbit Service Center
How to use a Rabbit card to enter or exit through an Automatic Gate.

  1. Please prepare your Rabbit card (One Rabbit card per person) and go to an Automatic Gate displaying a green arrow.
  2. Tap or Place your Rabbit card over the cardreader on the Automatic Gate in the area indicated.
  3. When the cardreader has correctly verified data on your Rabbit card, it will display a green light. You can then enter or exit through the Automatic Gate.
  4. If the number of trips remaining on your Rabbit card is insufficient for travel or not valid within the 30 days, you must then contact BTS Staff at a ticket office to add further trips. You may then use your Rabbit card for travel as usual.
  5. When adding value to a Rabbit card, please remember that remaining value on the card must be at least 15 Baht before you can enter at an Automatic Gate. Value can be added to a Rabbit card at any BTS Ticket Office.