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About Rabbit card
Rabbit card and the BTS SkyTrain System
    How to purchase a new Rabbit card
    Time Limit for passengers to remain in the system after entry and penalty for overstay
How to add value and trips in a Rabbit card
How are fares deducted from a Rabbit card
Q & A
Eligibility for use of Rabbit cards
    Student Rabbit card
    Senior Rabbit card
How to use a Rabbit card to enter or exit through an Automatic Gate
Rabbit Service Point and Rabbit Service Center
Eligibility for use of Rabbit cards

  Student Rabbit card
          Student Rabbit card may only be used by current fulltime students, aged not over 23 years, according to date of birth on Citizen ID and currently studying at an academic institution in Thailand, or studying in a foreign country at an institution recognized by the Ministry of Education.
        Student ID and Citizen ID must be presented upon request by BTS Staff.
        Misuse of card, or abuse of card conditions, will result in forfeiture of the card, together with any remaining trips. In addition, a fine not exceeding 20 times the maximum fare, will be imposed.