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BTSC apologizes for service disruption
  Dr. Anat Arbhabirama, Chairman of Advisory Board , Bangkok Mass Transit System Public Company Limited ( BTSC ) explained the reasons for the service disruption on the BTS SkyTrain Sukhumvit Line today as follows :

Investigation revealed that the cause of the failure occurred from a technical problem at a set of points, located on the line between Chit Lom and Siam Stations, causing disruption to normal operations.

For passengers safety , the company operated a shuttle service routing on Sukhumvit Line at 06.00-12.00 hrs. for trains from Mo Chit to Siam and back to Mo Chit, and from Siam to Bearing and back to Siam. The headway in peak period increased from 3 minutes to 6-10 minutes. The service on Silom Line is normal.

And from 12.00 -24.00 hrs. BTSC has operated a shuttle service routing for trains from Mo Chit to Bang Wa and back to Mo Chit with 5 minutes headway, and from Bearing to Siam and back to Bearing with 7 minutes headway and also a shuttle service for trains from National Stadium to Siam and back to National Stadium with 5 minutes headway. These shuttle services can reduce the overcrowding of passengers interchange at Siam Station.

The company will undertake a maintenance of the point machine after the operating hours and the service will resume normal tomorrow on February 25th 2016. BTSC would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere apologies to our valued customers for the inconvenience cause.
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