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Unpleasant Experience
  Last week I had the unfortunate experience of having my shopping stolen while waiting for the BTS to open at the bottom of the steps leading to Asok station. 6.00 in the morning. Having apprehended one of the suspects, I made it plain to a BTS Security Officer that I required help. He quickly sent the suspect away to my disbelief. Further, upon wanting to report the guard for his inept behaviour, I was treated to unhelpful and aggressive behaviour by other security guards and the manageress at this station. To which end I almost came to blows with one particular surly and aggressive guard, finishing with him threatening me with hand gestures as I made my way home. The incident happened on 31st January 2016. I was the victim of a crime yet was made to feel like a criminal simply for having the temerity to complain. The Thai 'loss of face' at it's worst I suspect. Is this really the way Thailand wishes to treat tourists and long-term expats? PS) English skills were clearly lacking by BTS staff in the heart of one of the world's major tourist cities.
from Colin Gerald McEvoy [ 06/02/2016 - 06:53:57 ] view [ 1065 ] reply [ 0 ]

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