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Vimanmek Mansion
The Vimanmek Mansion was built in 1900 by the King Rama V and later became his residence for about five years. It is recognised as the worlds largest teakwood mansion. Its magnificent architectural style reflects a western influence. The three-storey building is L-shaped, except for the part where the King resided, which has four storeys and is octagonal. The ground floor is built of brick and cement whereas the upper floors are golden teakwood planks. There are altogether 31 exhibition rooms, some of which still maintain the ambience of the past, particularly the bedrooms, the audience chamber and the bathrooms. Some rooms house exhibitions of artwork, including the silverware exhibition room, the crystal and glassware room, and the ivory room. The front of the Mansion exhibits a collection of the royal carriages used during the reign of the King Rama V. Each carriage boasts intricate decorations and historical values as ever-present impressive décor for major royal ceremonies.

Opening Hours : Tuesday - Sunday from 09.30 hrs - 16.00 hrs (except official holidays)
Admission Fee : 75 baht for Thais and 100 baht for foreigners
For more information, call : 0 2281 5454
How to Get There : Take the Sukhumvit Line and get off at Victory Monument Station (or N3 Station) and go out through Exit No. 3. Walk towards Rajavithee Road and take a taxi, or hop on bus no. 515, 539, 28, or 108, which all pass Vimanmek Mansion.
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