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Tour and Travel Recommendations
  Six Sacred Hindu Gods  
Brahma Erawan Shrine
Brahma is the Hindu god of creation and one of the Trimurti, the creator within the Hindu trinity of gods. Brahma has four heads representing the four cardinal directions, symbolizing his ability to see things through and safeguard the world and the heaven. Worshippers admire Brahma for his mercy, his calmness, and his willingness to help. It is believed that paying homage to Brahma would make ones wishes come true.

It is recommended to pay homage to Brahma in a clock-wise order, beginning from the head facing the entrance, with three sticks of incense, one candle, one garland and one gold foil offered to each head.

Votive offerings : four sticks of incense, four candles, four garlands of jasmine and marigold and four flakes of gold foil.
Location : Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok Hotel

How to Get There : Take the Sukhumvit Line and get off at Chit Lom Station (or E1 Station), and go out through Exit No.8. Then, walk about 100 meters to Rajprasong Intersection.