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Ticket Gallery
      Tourist Attractions along BTS Routes

  BTS One-Day Pass ''The Royal Elephant National Museum"
BTS SkyTrain, in cooperation with The Royal Elephant National Museum, proudly presents a special BTS One-Day Pass entitled ''The Royal Elephant National Museum", to promote the museum which educates visitors about The Royal Elephant and its importance.Featuring displays on the beliefs surrounding white elephants, the traditional method of catching them, the white elephant ceremony and ceremony appointing the white elephant to be the King’s royal elephant.The pass also assists passengers with directions on how to get there via BTS SkyTrain and other modes of public transportation.Passengers wishing to visit The Royal Elephant National Museum can take the BTS SkyTrain to Victory Monument Station and take Exit No.3, then travel by public transport to U Thong Nai Road.Launched in January 2016