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Ticket Gallery
Ticket Gallery

  BTS SmartPass "Birds in Poetry" Ticket Collection

BTS SkyTrain proudly presents a special BTS SmartPass collection entitled "Birds in Poetry", to raise awareness of preservation of rare local birds in Thailand through the expression of their beauty in the poetry, by Thailand’s best-known poets. This pass collection comprises of 4 designs:-

1. 30-Day Student SmartPass 'Siamese Fireback' Lophura diardi

2. 30-Day Adult SmartPass 'Sarus Crane' Grus antigone

3. 30-Day Adult SmartPass 'Rain Quail' Coturnix coromandelica

4. Sky SmartPass 'Asian Barred Owlet' Glaucidium cuculoides

Photograph by Thanee Wongniwatkajorn

Launched in October, 2011