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      Thailand Tourist Attractions

  BTS One-Day Pass "The Andaman Sea from an aerial perspective"

To further promote tourism in Thailand, BTS SkyTrain in cooperation with SkyViewThailand Company, proudly presents a special BTS One-Day Pass collection entitled 'The Andaman Sea from an aerial perspective', featuring stunning aerial views of the natural beauty and tourist attractions along the Andaman coast.

This pass collection comprises of 6 designs:-

1. Mai Phai Island, Krabi

View over Hat Noppharat Thara - Mu Ko Phi Phi National Park, with beautiful white sandy beaches surrounded by jade coloured waters home to an amazing staghorn coral reef.

2. Panyee Island, Phang-Nga

Located in the the Ao Phang-nga National Park, Panyee island is home to a community of Thai Muslims, living in houses constructed on stilts above the sea. Most of the residents earn their living by fishing and selling souvenirs and food to visitors. In addition to some 200 homes, there is also a school, public health centre, mosque, restaurants and souvenir shops serving the large number of daily visitors.

3. Poda Island, Krabi

Forming part of the Mu Ko Phi Phi National Park, Hat Noppharat Thara is located 8 kms offshore in the southern part of Ao Nang Bay. With a white sandy beach and exceptionally clear waters, here you can see many different kinds of coral, offering a major attraction for tourists who visit here almost all year round. Also a good spot for fishing, as it isn't affected much by monsoons . Here visitors can experience the amazing natural phenomenon of the 'Separated Sea' , which occurs at low tide around Koh Tub, Koh Moh and Koh Kai, during which a sandbank is revealed linking the islands.

4. Cape Phromthep, Phuket

Located at the southern most tip of Phuket, 2 kms from Rawai Beach, here visitors can enjoy the beautiful sunset views from the end of a rocky promontory lined with palm trees. You can walk out to the end of the rocks and look out over the emerald coloured waters to Koh Keaw. On the righthand side is Nai Harn Beach and Cape Promthep lighthouse. Built on the occasion of the 50th Birthday of His Majesty the King , the building is 9 metres wide and stands 17metres tall. Light from the lighthouse can be seen as far as 39 kms. out at sea. Inside there is an exhibition about the construction of the lighthouse, standard time preservation, the calculation and display of sunrise and sunset , with a visitor's view point located at the top as well.

5. Forest Islands, Ao Phang-nga, Phang-nga

Part of the Ao Phang-nga National Park, these mangrove forested islands consist of alternate layers of sedimentary, metamorphic rock and limestone, which have formed into many caves and hollows along a rugged coastline. One of the largest mangrove forested islands is 'Koh hong', which has become a popular tourist attraction. Koh Hong has a curved beach at the front and is covered with mangrove forest at the back. Passing through a cave by canoe, visitors find a hidden lagoon surrounded by high cliffs inhabited by Flying Lemurs and Flying Foxes.

6. Maya Bay, Phi Phi Le Island, Krabi

Located on Phi Phi Le Island, Hat Noppharat Thara - Mu Ko Phi Phi National Park, is a beautiful bay surrounded by limestone mountains consisting of steep high cliffs rising vertically from the sea, forming tranquil bays and stunning scenary. Visitors will enjoy the exceptionally clear waters and white sandy beaches

Launched in September, 2011

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