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  Structure of Routes and Stations
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Railway Operating System
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          the BTS SkyTrain System
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Security System
BTS Trains System
  CNR Model  

  The 12 latest model trains of the BTS Sky-Train System comprise 4-car train-set configurations, consisting of two trailer, (Tc), cars and two intermediate motor, (M), cars. Tc cars are non-motored, (non-powered cars). Each Tc car is provided with an Auxiliary Converter Module, (ACM), rated at 140 KVA 3-Phase 400ACV. The ACM converts the 750 V DC Power Supply derived from the Track-side 3rd Rail System to supply 3-phase AC voltage of 400V for the air-compressor, air-conditioning unit, exterior and interior lighting and other AC loads. In additional the ACM is integrated with 22KW, 110V DC for the battery charger to provide DC power supply to charge the Battery located on each Tc-car. The two M-cars are the intermediate, motored power cars. Each motor car has two 3-phase Motor Converter Modules, (MCM), supplied from the 750 VDC third rail traction supply, and converted to AC to drive the traction motors.  
  The basic 4-car train configuration comprises Tc1-M1-M2-Tc2, as shown in the following figure:-

Total 4-car train length, (over coupler faces), is 87.25 meters, overall width 3.12 meters. Each Tc-car and M-car has 42 seats. With all seats occupied and 8 standees per square meter, the passenger carrying capacity of each Tc-car and M-car is 361 and 384 persons, respectively. The total of maximum passenger carrying capacity of a 4 car train-set is 1,490 persons. The car-body is constructed of stainless steel, providing a light-weight, stainless steel welded modular construction. Each car is equipped with two roof-mounted, self-contained air conditioning units using R407C refrigerant. The saloon temperature is automatically controlled by a Train Control and Management System, (TCMS). Four Passenger Sliding Doors are located each side of a car. These are electrically operated, exterior hung, bi-parting, providing a clear opening width of 1.4 meters. Dynamic Route Maps, (DRM), LED displays are installed above each doorway to show the location and directional information of the train. A wheel-chair position, with safety belt and handrail, is located at one end of each car. The interior design creates a comfortable, secure and aesthetically pleasing environment for traveling public. The passenger seats are positioned longitudinally along both car-body sides between each sliding doorway to maximize the free standing floor area of the car. The stanchions and handrails are of stylish design to blend with the interior decor. The stanchion located at mid-sliding door area is of the trifurcate design. Conventional stanchions and handrails are positioned at every draught screen and along the entire saloon interior to assist passengers passing through the vehicle.