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  Structure of Routes and Stations
        - Design Principles
        - Locations
        - Facilities
Railway Operating System
BTS Trains System
    SIEMENS Model
    CNR Model
Maintenance System
Ticketing System
    Relevant Equipment
Safety System
    Safety Information
    Safety Tips for Using BTS
        - Tips for Using Automatic
        - Tips for Using Stairs
          Escalators and Elevators
        - Procedures upon entering
          the BTS SkyTrain System
          with a bicycle.
        - DOs and DONTs of Riding
          the BTS
        - Fire Safety and Emergency
          Preparedness Tips
    Emergency Equipment
Security System
Ticketing System
  Automatic Fare Collection System  
  BTSC has implemented the Automatic Fare Collection System to ensure highest efficiency in providing swift and easy service to its passengers. At present the type and category of the ticket are available as following :
  1. The Magnetic Ticket including
Single Journey Ticket
One-Day Pass

2. The BTS SmartPass including
BTS Sky SmartPass (Stored Value SmartPass)
BTS 30-Day Adult SmartPass and BTS 30-Day Student SmartPass

3. Rabbit card including
Adult Rabbit card
Student Rabbit card
Senior Rabbit card