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    Safety Tips for Using BTS
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          the BTS SkyTrain System
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        - Fire Safety and Emergency
          Preparedness Tips
    Emergency Equipment
Security System
Safety System

  Safety Tips for Using BTS System > Fire Safety and Emergency Preparedness Tips (7/7)

  Fire Safety and Emergency Preparedness Tips  
On the trains
At BTS Stations
Inform the Train Controller immediately by pressing the yellow button with a bell symbol located beside the train doors then release and wait for the Train Controller to reply.
In case of emergency that is need to open train doors, pull the Emergency Door Control, located on the side of each door, and slide to open the door. (Using when the train is standing in the station only.)
Emergency exits are located at the front and back end of each train. Passenger can walk out from the train by using ramp plate and follow instructions from Train Controller carefully.
Windows inside the train can open in emergency case only and must be followed instructions from the Train Controller.
In case of fire, using Fire Extinguisher, keep in saloons having Fire Extinguisher signage and follow instructions carefully.

  In case of emergency, please remain calm and follow BTS Staff instructions carefully. Use emergency and safety equipment only in case of emergency and follow the instruction for equipment use. Any misuse causing damage will result in legal action against the offender.