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Safety System

  Safety Tips for Using BTS System > Tips for Using Stairs Escalators and Elevators (3/7)

  Tips for Using Stairs Escalators  

  Escalators, using in BTS SkyTrain System, are faster more than normal escalators. Passengers must use it carefully.

Please stand or walk on the right side and hold handrail.
Do not lean against the sides or lean over handrail of stairs or escalators.
Do not obstruct stairs or escalators.
Do not lean your head outside escalators handrail.
Do not stand too close to the edges of escalator steps.
Do not place your feet too close to the sides of escalators.
Do not run, play or push others using on stairs or escalators.
In case of emergency, press the Emergency Stop Button, which is located at both top and bottom of escalators and inform BTS Staff immediately.