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  Structure of Routes and Stations
        - Design Principles
        - Locations
        - Facilities
Railway Operating System
BTS Trains System
    SIEMENS Model
    CNR Model
Maintenance System
Ticketing System
    Relevant Equipment
Safety System
    Safety Information
    Safety Tips for Using BTS
        - Tips for Using Automatic
        - Tips for Using Stairs
          Escalators and Elevators
        - Procedures upon entering
          the BTS SkyTrain System
          with a bicycle.
        - DOs and DONTs of Riding
          the BTS
        - Fire Safety and Emergency
          Preparedness Tips
    Emergency Equipment
Security System
Safety System
  Safety Information  
Train Operating Safety Features
Every train is equipped with an Automatic Train Control (ATC) and operated by an Automatic Train Operation (ATO) which limit speed not over 80 Km./hrs. It also has an Automatic Train Protection (ATP) that ensures all trains maintain a safe distance from one another and remain within proper speed limits.
  Train Safety Features  
  Inside the train, it will be designed with curved shape to protect passengers from injury and used tested non-flammable materials, designed to prevent fires from spreading or overwhelming the train cars with harmful smoke for safety.  
In case of emergency such as fire or passengers sick, passengers can communicate with the Train Controller via Passenger Intercom system which located besides the train doors.
  Station Safety Features  
  Each station was designed and built under the Building Control Act and the standards of NFPA 130 and also install a fire protection system in line with the standards of the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) such as Fire Extinguisher, firehose), Fire Alarm and Fighting System, including install an electric system and lightning conductor system with the standards of the Engineering Institute of Thailand.
In addition for passengers safety while waiting at platform, BTS also install the yellow Emergency Stop Button to stop trains not to enter or exit station such as in case of passengers drop into the rail.