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  Structure of Routes and Stations
        - Design Principles
        - Locations
        - Facilities
Railway Operating System
BTS Trains System
    SIEMENS Model
    CNR Model
Maintenance System
Ticketing System
    Relevant Equipment
Safety System
    Safety Information
    Safety Tips for Using BTS
        - Tips for Using Automatic
        - Tips for Using Stairs
          Escalators and Elevators
        - Procedures upon entering
          the BTS SkyTrain System
          with a bicycle.
        - DOs and DONTs of Riding
          the BTS
        - Fire Safety and Emergency
          Preparedness Tips
    Emergency Equipment
Security System
Safety System
  Safety System  
  BTS operates one of the worlds safest mass transit systems, and we are proud to have handled passenger with no loss of life or injury. We are dedicated to implementing strict safety codes throughout our system, all BTS SkyTrain and stations are equipped with emergency features, and we have a handbook on rules, regulations and emergency procedures available to all passengers.

And now BTS SkyTrain already joined in Safety Management System, the standards of the BPM (Best Practice Model) of Ricardo Rail (RR), a leading specialist team rail consultant and also join in OHSAS 18001 for ensure that BTS SkyTrain is credible and safety for passengers.